samedi 20 octobre 2007

Soundtrack Compilation #1 : THE PATRIOT & OTHER SCORES

The 4 following CDs are compilations I made for a friend. Nothing fancy, just soundtracks that sound good together.
1. THE PATRIOT - Theme (John Williams) 6:40
2. GLORY - Charging Fort Wagner (James Horner) 2:53
3. GLORY - An Epitaph to War (James Horner) 2:34
4. GLORY - Closing Credits (James Horner) 6:51
5. GETTYSBURG - Reunion and Finale (Randy Edelman) 5:45
6. SEPT ANS AU TIBET - Theme (John Williams) 7:08
7. NÉ UN 4 JUILLET - The Early Years (John Williams) 4:59
8. GODS AND GENERALS - Theme (John Frizzell) 3:43
9. JFK - Prologue (John Williams) 4:01
10. DIEN BIEN PHU - Concerto de l’adieu (Georges Delerue) 9:50
11. NOUS ÉTIONS SOLDATS - Final Departure (Nick Glennie-Smith) 8:25
12. NOUS ÉTIONS SOLDATS - End Credits (Nick Glennie-Smith) 6:33
13. JOYEUX NOËL - Hymne des fraternisés (Philippe Rombi) 4:25
14. IL FAUT SAUVER LE SOLDAT RYAN - Hymn to the Fallen (John Williams) 6:12

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ThaNN a dit…

I am from germany and downloaded a lot, but now I can't find the password for all those downloads! Is there an universal password for them?
Please help me!

Salty a dit…

Dear Chief!

The links don't work. Would you be so kind to reupload this wonderful compilation, please? It makes my mouth water...

ChiefDundee a dit…

New links!
PART 1/2
PART 2/2

Salty a dit…

Thank you very much!

Unknown a dit…


ChiefDundee a dit…

Maybe, after the James Bond Suites are done...

Prime a dit…

Chief, have you the score for A Sound of Thunder?, the complete one?, thanks

ChiefDundee a dit…

A Sound of Thunder (Promo):

Prime a dit…


CinéMan a dit…

Merci pour cette compil.
Je cherchais juste DIEN BIEN PHU.

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