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PEARL HARBOR Complete Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

Tracks with * contain SFX. Note that the 2 Suites on CD#4 have previously been released on this blog.


1 Tennessee, 1923 (2:27)
2 I’m a Pilot (0:34)
3 Young Rafe to the Rescue (1:19)
4 News Flash #1 * (0:18)
5 Rafe Begs (0:38)
6 First Kiss (1:27)
7 First Date (1:53)
8 Rafe Says Goodbye (3:16)
9 Train Station Goodbye (1:39)
10 News Flash #2 * / Welcome to the RAF (Part 1) * (0:53)
11 Welcome to the RAF (Part 2) * (0:50)
12 Meet the Japanese (1:05)
13 Pearl Harbor (0:59)
14 New Nurses (0:15)
15 Letters from Rafe * (1:30)
16 Japanese Prepare / Battle of Britain (Outtake) (2:26)
17 Rafe Shot Down (1:21)
18 Evelyn Gets the News (Part 1) (0:50)
19 Evelyn Gets the News (Part 2) (2:55)
20 Japanese Carrier Preparations (1:10)
21 Morning Montage (0:59)
22 Evelyn Says Goodbye to Rafe (0:50)
23 Japanese Disappear (0:43)
24 Pearl Harbor at Sunset (2:57)
25 Evelyn Can’t Break Up / Spy Romp (3:05)
26 Kimmel Briefing / The Dentist (2:02)
27 Rafe Returns (1:52)
28 Rafe Gets the News * (1:51)
29 Calendar Page Turns (0:30)
30 Hostilities Imminent / The Attack (6:29)
31 We’re Being Bombed! (0:37)
32 Evelyn Awakes (0:40)
33 The Captain Dies / Airstrip Bombed (2:41)
34 Dorie the Hero (0:54)
35 The Sinking of the Oklahoma (4:38)
36 Roosevelt Gets the News (2:36)
37 Bunker Tension (0:55)
38 Bombers Overhead / Air Battle (7:09)
39 Courage * (2:03)
40 Aftermath * (0:33)
41 Hospital Chaos (5:07)

1 Trapped Sailor’s / Roosevelt’s Speech (3:30)
2 The President Stands Up / News Flash #3 (1:01)
3 Funeral (1:56)
4 I’m Pregnant (3:52)
5 Top Secret (0:48)
6 Rafe Burns the Letters (0:27)
7 Doolittle Training (5:56)
8 Tip of the Sword (1:03)
9 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (8:35)
10 Retaliation (0:45)
11 Empty Tanks */ Pinned Down * (3:31)
12 Crash in China * (1:04)
13 Sacrifice / Tennessee, 1945 * (7:16)
14 There You’ll Be (3:43)
Performed by Faith Hill
15 End Credits (6:11)
16 Little Brown Jug (2:52)
Performed by Glenn Miller
17 Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Tol Me) (3:14)
Performed by Woody Herman
18 Jumpin’ at the Woodside (3:08)
Performed by Count Basie & His Orchestra
19 Jeepers Creepers (4:41)
Performed by Louis Armstrong
20 Lei Ika Mokihana (2:43)
Performed by Kalama’s Quartet
21 Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi (3:01)
Performed by The Kalima Brothers
22 Hilo March (2:35)
Performed by Kalama’s Quartet
23 Miss You (2:33)
Performed by The Mills Brothers
24 Teaser (2:00)
25 Trailer (3:18)
26 Trailblazing (2:53)


1 Tennessee, 1923 (Alternate) (1:01)
2 Young Rafe to the Rescue (Alt.) (0:39)
3 First Date (Alternate) (0:37)
4 Welcome to the RAF (Alt. - Part 1) (1:01)
5 Welcome to the RAF (Alt. - Part 2) (0:41)
6 Pearl Harbor (Alternate) (0:58)
7 New Nurses (Alternate) (0:14)
8 Letters from Rafe (Alternate) (1:41)
9 Japanese Prepare (Alternate) (0:40)
10 Evelyn Can’t Break Up (Alternate) / Spy Romp (Alternate) (2:51)
11 Rafe Gets the News (Alternate) (1:43)
12 Hostilities Imminent (Alternate 1) / The Attack (Alternate 1) (3:43)
13 Hostilities Imminent (Alternate 2) (1:08)
14 The Attack (Alternate 2) (1:13)
15 Hostilities Imminent (Alternate 3) / The Attack (Alternate 3) (3:46)
16 Evelyn Awakes (Alternate) (0:40)
17 Dorie the Hero (Alternate) (0:56)
18 Roosevelt Gets the News (Alt.) (2:44)
19 Air Battle (Alternate) (8:28)
20 Air Battle (Short Alternate – Part 1) (3:10)
21 Air Battle (Short Alternate – Part 2) (0:29)
22 Top Secret (Alternate) (0:24)
23 Doolittle Training (Alternate) (1:48)
24 Tip of the Sword (Alternate) (0:58)
25 Tennessee, 1945 (Alternate) (1:19)
26 End Credits (Alternate) (6:25)
27 Japanese (Demo) (2:08)
28 Impact (Demo) (2:26)
29 Journey (3.48)
30 Rain Forever (2:33)
31 Goliath (1:59)
32 Pearl Harbor (KMN Score Remix) (12:06)

1 Pearl Harbor Suite N°1 (34:13)
2 Pearl Harbor Suite N°2 (45:46)

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Nash a dit…

hey nice work, did u make it or find, just wondering??

ChiefDundee a dit…

I assembled it from various sources.
So it's a "Premiere" release, sort of...

Nash a dit…

hey u know the hannibal complete score i posted earlier, i just realised it missed some tracks so i re downloaded it,if u should need it, and i also found a 2 disc extended version of black hawk down but with sfx..

ChiefDundee a dit…

OK for both. Maybe Lasse will enventually find what he's desperately seeking...

Tomek a dit…

Very, very good job! Thank you!!!

Tomek a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Tomek a dit…

Can someone help me?
I am looking for the following scores:
The Thing (Ennio Morricone) - Complete Score (25 Tracks)
King Arthur (Hans Zimmer) - Complete Score (3 CD's)
Prince of darkness (John Carpenter) - Complete Score


benuit a dit…

Nice piece...

ChiefDundee a dit…

You're both welcome.

Here's "Prince of Darkness" (link from Musica del Deptimo Arte):

"The Thing" (regular 17 tracks, provided by "Starman1975"):
"The Thing" (19 tracks bootleg with SFX, provided by "Psicotropicodelia Music Blog"):
Part 1/2:
Part 2/2:
These links are from Morricone Lover's Blog.

I didn't find any 25 tracks version of "The Thing", nor have I any knowledge of a 3CD "King Arthur" bootleg. Do you have tracklists for these two?

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Chief, good morning!
I have a question for you.
I have my blog on, and I'd like to put 3 colums on it (as your layout), but I can't do it.
Can you tell me how did you obtain this structure, please?
Thanks a lot!

ChiefDundee a dit…

I found the template here:

Tomek a dit…

Hi Chiefdundee,
thanks for the quick answer!

So, there you will find the back cover from King Arthur (3 CD's)
The Thing:

ChiefDundee a dit…

OK, the "King Arthur" is only the combination of all the previous bootlegs plus trailer material. Nothing new, but I intend to make another version with maybe 2 or 3 suites of my own, and of course amazing covers, Pearl Harbor style :o) So... patience my friend.

About "The Thing" I'm not that sure, but I also suspect it's a mix of the bootleg and the official CD all that re-edited in film order.
However I haven't found it in this 25 tracks form, I'm sorry. May I suggest you ask Morricone Lover or Eda-88 about it? They're far more Morricone experts than I am, you know...

See ya!

Altrotiroaltroregalo a dit…

Hi Chief, thanks a lot for the answer; you're very kind, as always! :D

Tomek a dit…

Okay! Thank you very much!!!

Tomek a dit…

Hi chiefdundee,
mayby you can help me. I am looking for more Score:

Alive - James Newton Howard (Complete Score)
Indiana Jones 1-3 - John Williams (Complete or Expanded Score)


Nash a dit…

hey here is hannibal complete + black hawk down 2 cd version.

and i was think if u have ever planned to make complete score for the lion king??

Hep-Hep Steff a dit…

J'ai hâte de vor ce que va donner ton bootleg de King Arthur... :)

Sinon, est ce que par hazard tu accepte de ripper des dvd à la demande?
Je recherche désespérément un rip du Dernier Empereur:
soit le film complete en mp3, divisé en 2 ou 3 parties gravables sur cd-r (version française de préférence, avec la musique des menus);
soit le "complete score", avec toutes les musiques, unreleased et sources...
Ca fait des lustres que je cherche à avoir ça (j'ai même tenté il y a près de 10 ans d'enregistre le film sur K7, mais c'était inaudible), un enregistrement de mon film favoris, et/ou de la BO complète (introuvable!)...

Je rajoute que je ne suis pas pressée..... :)

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Tomek:
Indiana Jones:

@ Nash:
Once again thank you. However "Hannibal" still has some dialogue. I don't think there's any version available without it.

@ Breton Girl:
Désolé, je n'aurai ni le logiciel ni le temps pour faire ça pour toi. Cependant il existe un blog dont c'est la spécialité. Je ne sais pas s'il accepte les requêtes:

Hep-Hep Steff a dit…

Merci pour le lien. :)
Par contre, le blog a vha,gé d'adresse, et imossible de poster quoi que ce soit... :(

Tomek a dit…

Thanks for the links, but my access is denied. I come not to this blog. Why?

ChiefDundee a dit…

Aïe! il faut peut-être avoir un login Worldpress pour poster des commentaires... quelque chose de ce genre.

ChiefDundee a dit…

Sorry Tomek, here are the links:
Indiana Jones 1
Indiana Jones 2
Indiana Jones 3
Indiana Jones 4
... just kidding ;o)

You may want to ask its webmaster access to the blog formerly known as La Leyenda de Los Soundtracks:

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Chief! Awesome blog! Your collection is truly fascinating. I really haven't got anything; I'm so overwhelmed to pick one soundtrack and begin! ^_^

Also, just wondering, do you happen to have the soundtrack from Amélie in FLAC? I just can't find it anywhere >_<

Thanks and cheers! :-)

Tomek a dit…

Thank you very much!!!!!!!


ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Tomek: you're welcome.

@ Chris: I wish I could help you, but I have to be extremely careful if we want this blog to go on. I truly have to focus on sharing things NOT commercially available. You may have noticed I removed my post about X-Ray Dog CDs: that's because my uploads have all been deleted within a few days. If that's not a warning shot...
I hope you'll understand my point of view.

Tev@ a dit…

Salut Chief,

Heureusement que tu as écouté les conseils de ANTI-NWO...Sinon tu serais dans le caca actuellement...

Take care...

ChiefDundee a dit…

Mouais... Il y a des trucs auxquels mieux vaut ne pas toucher, sous peine de se brûler les doigts. X-Ray en fait partie apparemment...


Anonyme a dit…

OUF !!!!

T'as eu très chaud l'ami !!!! LOL
Et il n'y a pas que X-Ray, mais tout ce qui est Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell,etc...
Faut juste savoir comment les toucher...LOL

L'autre forum est blindé d'espions qui rapportent tout...

ANTI-New_World_Order !!!

Anonyme a dit…

You're right chief :-) Thanks anyway :-)

dragon of the blackpool a dit…

Hey Chief, I'm looking for the score to "Hamburger Hill" by Philip Glass, but I can't find anything about a release for it.

Soundtrack collector doesn't have a listing, could you or any of your contributors help?


Tomek a dit…

Hi Chief,
I have found you a page with jackie chan soundtracks. Maybe you can find what you are looking for there.

Have you any jackie soundtracks?

Altrotiroaltroregalo a dit…

Hi Chief, how are you?
I hope fine ;D
Every week I have a question for you: I hope I don't disturb you.
Now I have the 3 colums template for my blog, I installed it. Unfortunately, now I can't put any image behind the title of my blog. Do you know the reason?
Thanks in advance! :D

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ anti-nwo: merci pour tes précieux conseils!

@ Dragon of the Blackpool: I haven't found it so far. The fact it's not on Soundtrack Collector probably means there isn't any CD at all. I'm going to put it on the request board, we'll see if anyone has a bootleg of the score...

@ Tomek: Thanks for the link! I've passed it to Aniki who was looking for the scores in the first place. I haven't any Jackie scores, but there are a few ones at Musica del Septimo Arte (First Strike & JC in the Bronx):

@ altrotiroaltroregalo:
I stumbled on the same issue, and solved it by following the procedure given by Broker Carlos Bravo in the comments:
I never found out what caused it, but was able to fix it by deleting the header element and recreating it. To delete the header element you need to go to the HTML of the template and replace the locked='true' to 'false' in the div tag for the header.

Be seeing you!

Anonyme a dit…



ChiefDundee a dit…

Thank you, my anonymous friend. Unfortunately it's not the complete score we're desperately looking for. It's the same as the official album, only re-edited in film order + the End Credits + trailer material.
Thanks anyway!

Altrotiroaltroregalo a dit…

Hi Chief, goood morning!
Thanks for the answer!

Thanks to Daan, I found this: it's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Expanded Experience (No SFX, 320 kb/s) - Hans Zimmer".

Enjoy it!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Thank you!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Hello, Dragon of the Black Pool!
Here's a link for 2 tracks from Hamburger Hill, donated by Tomek:

axel a dit…

Good work !! It was a good idea to join all musics from different editions to make a definitive one...I look at your work and it's very great.

Nevertheless, I noticed somes tracks missing. From your job, I realized my own one, with these tracks missing..

Here a link to my blog to see it :

I deleted the CD 4 because I don't like suites(lol)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Well... It would be great to share the additional tracks with the rest of us...

axel a dit…

here the 5 tracks missing from Pearl harbor :

ChiefDundee a dit…

Many many thanks!

riddim1903 a dit…

Chief This is an awesome job! Thank you. Your share is just like the film itself..!

A blockbuster!

Please stop by my blog, too. I look forward to your visit!


ChiefDundee a dit…

Thanks for link. Your blog has great stuff.
I'll add you to my links page (and you're already in my favorites...)

ChiefDundee a dit…

An alternate link fo CD4 track 2:

ChiefDundee a dit…

Axel! Si tu es toujours dans les parages (grâce aux liens mail), quelqu'un recherche un bootleg évoqué sur ton blog:
Fais-moi signe!

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much this is a great release very well done.

Many thanks.

Marc a dit…

This is an excellent blog you have many rare things here. If I can be of some assistance please let me know.

Thank you,

ChiefDundee a dit…

Thanks Marc!
There are a few things listed on the right column under "unfulfilled requests". Any help with these would be greatly appreciated. (Don't bother with Black Hawk Down and Hannibal unless you know of something absolutely new.
Good luck!

Cornelius a dit…

Hello l'ami. Je suis a la recherche du Score Promo et Bootlegs de The Thing (1982). Introuvable sur le net. e suis fan de Carpenter depuis bien longtemps et je collectionne tout sur lui. Dans ma base de donnée de Soundtracks il me manque ces deux là. J'ai vu plus haut que quelqu'un avait mis le Boot de "The Thing". Mais malheureusement le lien est Dead. Aurait tu ce score. Merci a toi.

ChiefDundee a dit…

Ce lien marche:

Cornelius a dit…


Oui je sais c'est loin ou j'habite. Tu vois la réponse a mis 7 mois pour t'arriver.


Cornelius a dit…

Merci l'ami. Tu vois la réponse a mis 7 mois pour t'arriver. C'est loin ou j'habite. lol...

ChiefDundee a dit…

Hehe. Bah mieux vaut tard que jamais :o)

CinéMan a dit…

Salut ChiefDundee.
Encore du beau boulot.
Merci pour cette complète.

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