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samedi 21 mars 2009

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 Complete Score (with SFX) - Hans Zimmer

8 commentaires:

Keanx_zZ7 a dit…

Magnifique ! fxs assez discrets et très belles jaquettes. Thanx Chief. beau travail :)

jamesbond a dit…

Mission: Impossible 2 (SFX bootleg) (2CD)
Hans Zimmer


1. Intro/Laboratory (1:45)
2. Meeting Ethan/Airplane Crash (2:56)
3. The Climb/Iko Iko (1:04)
4. Your Mission/Title (1:59)
5. Seville (2:19)
6. I See You Found It (2:43)
7. The Alarm (0:35)
8. Leaving (0:35)
9. Catch Me (1:32)
10. Morning (0:47)
11. Pillow Talk/Festival (2:22)
12. Laptop Message (1:23)
13. Regrets (2:33)
14. Implant/Choosing The Players (2:45)
15. Nyah And Sean Meet/Locating (4:26)
16. Dilemma (0:26)
17. The Monster Virus (0:47)
18. Cutting The Finger (0:58)
19. Race Track/Virus On Tape/Don't Turn Around (7:46)
20. George, Take Me Home (1:11)
21. Ethan Or Sean? (0:46)
22. All I Needed To Hear/The Plan (5:57)

CD 2

1. Biocyte Helicopter Jump (3:06)
2. Explaining The Plan/Inside Biocyte (2:08)
3. Remember An Old Friend (0:18)
4. Attack Part One (2:07)
5. Attack Part Two (0:15)
6. The Injection/The Jump (4:56)
7. Sean's Refuge/Break-In (6:14)
8. Bare Island Fight (1:46)
9. The Grenade (0:33)
10. Broken Jaw/Escape/Motorcycle Part One (8:15)
11. Motorcycle Part Two/Nyah's Demise (1:45)
12. Mano A Mano (4:21)
13. Ambrose Is Dead/Reunion/End Credits (5:27)
14. Bonus: Limp Bizkit - Theme (1:04)
15. Bonus: M:I-2 Theme (0:39)
16. Bonus: Mission Improbable (MTV's parody) (6:35)
17. Bonus: Exit Wounds Tracks 1 (1:04)
18. Bonus: Exit Wounds Tracks 2 (0:58)
19. Bonus: Exit Wounds Tracks 3 (1:24)

jokerman1 a dit…

thanks for the MI2 Complete score. btw when you do the batman suites, is batman forever gonna have unreleased score? the reason i ask is that here is a bootleg of the isolated dvd score by mr goldenthal, and if you know where i can get it i would be eternally greatful! great blog!

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ jamesbond: Thank you very much for the tracklist!

@ jokerman1: I'm sorry but you'll probably be disappointed for 2 reasons. The suite doesn't contain any unreleased music from the bootleg you mentioned ('never heard of it btw), and it will be the shortest of all the Batman Suites, Batman Forever being my least favorite score in the entire franchise. In my opinion, Batman & Robin is really the best of Goldenthal's contribution, and of course I edited the B&R suite with material from the complete bootleg score.

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Jokerman1: I think that's the Batman Forever bootleg you're looking for:, uploaded by Joserael on his blog.

deadpool_09 a dit…

many,many,many,many,many,many thanks chief dundee!
[this is jokerman1, i just changed my name to deadpool_09]

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Chief do you have "Ambrose is dead" track with no sound effects. It's the part immediately after Ambrose says "You should've killed me". I would really appreciate it.

ChiefDundee a dit…

If it's not here: MI:2 Expanded Score, I don't have it. Sorry

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