samedi 14 mars 2009

YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Bruce Broughton

Presented in lossless FLAC, here's the promotional CD produced by the composer in 2002. It's become quite rare since then. Covers are included.
Disc 1
1. The Gamecock / The Bird is Alive (02:56)
2. Flaming Hat Rack / Main Title (03:43)
3. The Heart of London (01:02)
4. A Deductive Mind Never Rests (00:48)
5. Library Love / Waxflatter's First Flight / The Visitor (02:52)
6. Fencing Lesson (01:09)
7. I Never Want to Be Alone / Stained Glass Knightmare / Solving the Crime (08:09)
8. Waxflatter Flies Again (01:12)
9. One Last Duel / Window Parting / Cario Vision (04:11)
10. Waxflatter's Death / Holmes Returns (03:40)
11. The Hat / Holmes and Elizabeth - Love Theme (03:18)
Disc 2
1. The Game is Afoot / Tip of the Iceberg (06:23)
2. The Ceremony (03:07)
3. Stop! She's Alive! / Pastries & Crypts (06:44)
4. Caught / Friends of Waxflatter (04:57)
5. Warning Shot (01:34)
6. Cragwitch's Vision (01:50)
7. The Struggle (01:23)
8. A Fifth Princess / Holmes in Flight (06:18)
9. Waxing Elizabeth / Diversionary Tactics (07:06)
10. Ehtar's Escape / The Final Duel / Final Farewell (09:38)
11. The Riddle's Solved / End Credits (06:27)
12. Moriarty? (00:47)

Total 89:14

9 commentaires:

Edgar a dit…

Thank You.
Great Movie and Score.
Kapla! Live Long And Prosper!

Edgar a dit…

Thank You!
Live long and prosper!

Scoredaddy a dit…

this IS a real treat. Thanks Chief!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

You're welcome. By the way, happy Anniversary!

Jesse a dit…

OH...MY...GOD! THANK YOU! I have looked for many many years for anything in high quality for this soundtrack. This has to be one of my all time favorite scores. Thanks so very much!

MusicMan a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour ces 3 éditions d'un de ses excellents scores (Harry and the Hendersons est parmi mes préférés) de ce compositeur qui se fait trop rare au cinéma à mon goût.

Dreamer a dit…

sir, can you please upload this again? thank you for your time.

Dreamer a dit…

one more request. would you happen to have the money pit ost with tom hanks? thank you

ChiefDundee a dit…

Link updated.
Sorry, I don't have The Money Pit.

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