lundi 16 juin 2008

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (The Complete Recordings) - Howard Shore

Password: 3001

Complete with 2 booklets, the original covers and “Chief Dundee” Covers

1. Glamdring (3:50)
2. Elven Rope (2:19)
3. Lost in Emyn Muil (4:15)
4. My Precious (2:57)
5. Uglúk’s Warriors (1:41)
6. The Three Hunters (6:12)
7. The Banishment of Éomer (3:55)
8. Night Camp (2:50)
9. The Plains of Rohan (4:15)
10. Fangorn (5:13)
11. The Dead Marshes (5:08)
12. “Wraiths On Wings” (2:08)
13. Gandalf the White (6:48)
14. The Dream of Trees (1:55)
15. The Heir of Númenor (6:51)
16. Ent-Draught (2:54)

1. Edoras (4:34)
2. The Court of Meduseld (3:11)
3. Théoden King (6:12)
Featuring “The Funeral of Théodred” Performed by Miranda Otto
4. The King’s Decision 2:08)
5. Exodus from Edoras (5:43)
6. The Forestof Ithilien (6:38)
7. One of the Dunedain (7:13)
Featuring “Evenstar” Performed by Isabel Bayrakdarian
8. The Wolvesof Isengard (4:22)
9. Refuge at Helm’s Deep (4:00)
10. The Voice of Saruman (1:12)
11. Arwen’s Fate (3:59)
Featuring “The Grace of the Valar” Performed by Sheila Chandra
12. The StoryForetold (3:39)
13. Sons of the Steward (6:03)
14. Rock and Pool (2:55)
15. Faramir’s Good Council (2:21)

1. Aragorn’s Return (2:12)
2. War Is Upon Us (3:36)
3. “Where Is the Horse and the Rider” (6:16)
4. The Host of the Eldar (2:51)
5. The Battle of the Hornburg (2:53)
6. The Breach of the Deeping Wall (3:03)
7. The Entmoot Decides (2:06)
8. Retreat (4:41)
Featuring “Haldir’s Lament” Performed by Elizabeth Fraser
9. Master Peregrin’s Plan (2:32)
10. The Last March of the Ents (2:31)
Featuring Ben Del Maestro
11. The Nazgûl Attack (2:45)
12. Théoden Rides Forth (5:48)
Featuring Ben Del Maestro
13. The Tales That Really Matter (12:01)
14. “Long Ways to Go Yet” (8:06)
Featuring “Gollum’s Song” Performed by Emiliana Torrini

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Unknown a dit…

Just discovered your site two days ago. Good work!!! I've been working on Once Upon A Time In The West for 3 years. Have gathered five different versions (boots) of the score from various sources; putting together a complete version from those. As you know, the scores released are not complete, though they claim to be. I am missing one cue. Need to know if anyone has a complete version of West?


ChiefDundee a dit…

I realize I totally forgot to answer to your post. I'm sorry :S
Unfortunately, I only have the official releases for Once upon a time in the West.
Since the best source for this composer is gone (Morricone Lover's Blog), I don't know where you could look. You might have to rip the DVD to get that last cue...

ChiefDundee a dit…

well... not entirely gone... Look who's here

raleric a dit…


Disc 3 ne marche plus...

Think a lot

ChiefDundee a dit…

Le lien existe toujours.
Cela semble temporaire.

Geenna a dit…

Hello, ChiefDundee!
Help me please!
When I try download DISC 3 of tTT, I see about 5 days that:

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.


ChiefDundee a dit…

Mmm... 5 days... this is odd.
I'll re-upload it soon.

ChiefDundee a dit…


Unknown a dit…

Hello, ChiefDundee!

DISC 3 of tTT, the link show me:

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.

I really enjoy all of your soundtracks.

Thank you very much

ChiefDundee a dit…

Try this one:

ChiefDundee a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Lewis a dit…

Hello ! Could you reupload the link please !!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

This one works:

Lewis a dit…

Thanks !

Unknown a dit…

Hello, super sympa tous tes upload. Par contre, pour la version flac 5.1, elle vient de quelle source car je ne vois aucune version de ce type sorti en 2008 officiellement ?

DarkDante a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
DarkDante a dit…

Thank your for this amazing work, im really happy i have at last this amazing albums. i just want you to recommend me which one is better quality, should i keep the surround one?

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