dimanche 21 octobre 2007

RADIO FLYER - Hans Zimmer

Wonderful music, impossible to find at a decent price...

1 Radio Flyer Part I (9:58)
(Building the Flyer / On the Road to Geronimo /Lost Secrets and Fascinations)
2. Radio Flyer Part II (7:00)
(Expeditioning / Mix the Potion / Four Discoveries)
3 Radio Flyer Part III (13:37)
(Sampson and Shame / Fisher's Legend /The Big Idea)
4. The Name Game -song performed by Shirley Ellis (3:00)

5 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Hi Chiefdundee!
I'm looking for this soundtrack, and I was very happy when I found a link here. But it is with some problem, it's working, but not complete.
Please, could you post/reup it again?

ChiefDundee a dit…

I've just checked it and all seems to be working: the archive contains 4 audio files and 2 images. Are you sure your download didn't end prematurely?

Unknown a dit…

Hello, again...
Yes, you are right, I tryed again and I got it. Thanks for your quickly answer, your blog is great! Sorry about my English.
I'm from Brazil. I help a Soundtrack's Comunity in Orkut, trying to find the requests, and this was one of them.
Thanks again.
If you can, visit us. It's name is "Trilha Sonora de Filmes", the one with +/- 1,200 members.

ChiefDundee a dit…

I'm glad it finally worked :o)
See ya!

Gerardo P. Taber a dit…

Merci beaucoup Chief Dundee. You are the best.

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