mardi 9 octobre 2007

THELMA & LOUISE Suite - Hans Zimmer


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eda-88 a dit…

Thelma & Louise expanded score"

Uploaded by Parzival [Melancholy blog..]
by 20 november

eda-88 a dit…

@ Chief Dundee!!
You know all albums about Zimmer good.
Do you have these albums

It would be great,if you have these.
My friend looking for it long time..

ChiefDundee a dit…

About Thelma & Louise, that's the same bootleg I used to edit the suite (verified ;))
About those 2 albums, I didn't know any of them. I'm gonna look into it...

eda-88 a dit…

Thanks for the info!))

Salmagundi Syncopation a dit…

Merci! I am so happy to finally hear the score!

ChiefDundee a dit…

If you're happy, them I'm happy! :o)

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