samedi 8 décembre 2007

PEARL HARBOR Suite N°1 - Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky & Geoff Zanelli


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Anonyme a dit…

Looking forward to listening to this! Thank you Chief Dundee!

ChiefDundee a dit…

I hope it will meet your expectations.

my farfisa of mine a dit…

Merci chef!!!

Soundtracks of Management a dit…

This is the best site for suites.

Though performances always take place in motion (after all, the Earth revolves), player-audience placement must be relatively stable.

This site meets that need.

Thus arises the Water Musick (1717) dilemma where the sounds pass by the audience.

Handel’s suite was performed on a barge floating down the Thames.

Imagine the audience stationed along the bank as the barge passed
by. Though the ‘primary integrity’ conditions are satisfied, the total performance lacks a unified audience.

As with parade marching band music, whereas everyone can see, no one can hear everything.

But not here ---- This is the best site I have combed through among thousands.

Anonyme a dit…


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