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THE ISLAND Suite - Steve Jablonsky


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Anonyme a dit…

This not for just the island but also a big big thanks for pirates dvd rip of unreleased music and the last samurai, looking trough ur posts it seems we both are mediaventures specially hans zimmer fans....

if u need any zimmer or mediaventure album that u dont have feel free to ask...


ChiefDundee a dit…

Thank you!
Actually, there are a few things I haven't found yet.
- This "Riding in Cars with Boys" promo:
I don't know if it's good ('haven't seen the moovie).
- The "Real" Lion King recording sessions: every time I seem to find a copy, It has some of the songs in place of score cues. I'm especially looking for the cue named "Alternate 2".
- A bootleg of Pearl Harbor (complete with SFX):
- The cue "Aerial Dogfight" on this Pearl Harbor bootleg:
- And of course the "not existing things": no SFX real complete versions of The Thin Red Line, The Road to El Dorado, Spirit, Dead Man's Chest, At World's End, Enemy of the State...
One can always dream...

Be seeing you!

Anonyme a dit…

THE ROAD TO EL DORADO (Complete) (2000)
The Lion King Instrumentals
i have uploaded the instrumental version of the songs, chech it out. really beautifull, specially can you feel the love tonight.

Instrumentals.rar of size 28.279 MB

This is from MP (Veteran Member) it was uploaded in the specials topic for potc. I am just givin a new downloading link and putting it here..

Track listing

1. Moonlight Serenade (01:21) 2. To The Pirates' Cave / Skull And Crossbones (07:43) 3. Underwater March (04:12) 4. The Black Pearl / Will And Elizabeth (04:21) 5. Barbossa Is Hungry (04:13) tracks 1-5 from "THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL" (2003) by Klaus Badelt

6. Davy Jones (03:28) 7. The Kraken (05:03) 8. Dinner Is Served (01:32) 9. Jack Sparrow (06:00) tracks 6-9 from ''DEAD MAN'S CHEST'' (2006) by Hans Zimmer

10.I See Dead People In Boats (05:27) 11. Up Is Down (02:42) 12. What Shall We Die For (02:08) 13. I Dont Think Now Is The Best Time (10:46) 14. Drink Up Me Hearties (04:35) tracks 10-14 from ''AT WORLD'S END'' (2007) by Hans Zimmer

Total Duration: 01:03:31 New link
Alternate Link:

The Ring & The Ring II (expanded).rar of size 116.473 MB

Pearl Harbor 2 CD Recording Sessions

Front.jpgCD 1:
01 - Main Title.mp3
02 - I'm A Pilot.mp3
03 - Young Rafe to the Rescue.mp3
04 - I'm Pregnant.mp3
04 - Rafe Begs.mp3
05 - First Kiss.mp3
06 - First Date.mp3
07 - Rafe Burns the Letters.mp3
08 - Train station goodbye.mp3
09 - Welcome to the Royal Air Force.mp3
10 - Meet the Japanese - Pearl Harbor.mp3
11 - Meet the Japanese - Pearl Harbor (alt).mp3
12 - Danny Arrives - Letters from Rafe.mp3
13 - Japanese Prepare - Battle of Britain pt. 1 (zanelli).mp3
14 - Battle of Britain pt. 3 - rafe shot down (zanelli).mp3
15 - Evelyn gets the News.mp3
16 - Japanese Carrier prep.mp3
17 - Morning Montage.mp3
18 - Evelyn Says Goodbye to Rafe.mp3
19 - Evelyn Says Goodbye to Rafe (Alt).mp3
20 - Danny and Evelyn Make Love.mp3
21 - Evelyn Can't Break Up (Jablonsky) - Spy - Romp.mp3
22 - Kimmel Briefing - The Dentist.mp3
23 - Rafe Returns.mp3
24 - Rafe Gets the News.mp3
25 - Calendar page turns.mp3
26 - The Attack.mp3
27 - We're being bombed.mp3
28 - Evelyn Awakes.mp3
29 - The Captain dies - Airstrip bombed.mp3
30 - Dorie the Hero (jablonsky).mp3
31 - Oklahoma (badelt) - First Hospital (jablonsky).mp3
32 - Roosevelt gets the News.mp3
33 - Bunker tension.mp3
34 - Air Battle.mp3

CD 2:
01 - Trapped Sailors - Roosevelt's Speech.mp3
02 - President's Stands - Newsreel #3.mp3
03 - Funeral.mp3
05 - Top Secret.mp3
06 - I'm Pregnant (End).mp3
07 - Rafe Says Goodbye.mp3
08 - Doolittle Training.mp3
09 - Tip of the Sword.mp3
10 - 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (Jablonsky).mp3


the following Pearl Harbor Tracks are not on the Recordings Sessions.

Track 1 - Called "Take Off" - 7:10 min
Track 2 - Called "War" - 5:14 min

Enjoy a real orchestration of some of the famest hans zimmer cues.


14 Tracks 98.5Mb

1. Homeland / Here I Am (6:20)
2. Swimming (2:35)
3. Young Hearts (5:48)
4. Investigating (2:19)
5. The Long Road (4:08)
6. Rain (2:50)
7. Iron Horse Camp / Pulling (3:19)
8. Triumph Over The Colonel (0:53)
9. Fallen Rain (3:06)
10. Train Escape (2:23)
11. Canyon Chase (2:47)
12. The Long Road Back (7:11)
13. Reunion (Love Found Us) (2:47)
14. Run Free (6:25)

Runtime: 52:56


present to you...
The Lionk King Complete 2 disc promo release..
I dont have its cover nor its titles but if anyone knows or has them then please add. This one is rare, like the other expanded score in this forum, this one is also very good to add to ur collection. The other albums pace is a little slow incase no one has noticed, but this one is on the right track. enjoy.

track list lion king
CD 1

1 Circle Of Life
2 Life Isnt Fair Is It
3 The Once And Future King
4 Plotting
5 The Elephant Graveyard
6 King Of The Past
7 Hyenas
8 Stampede
9 To Die For
10 What Have You Done (Run Away)
11 Alternate 1
12 A New Era (Bowling For Buzzards)

CD 2
1 Under The Stars (Simba Alive)
2 Hunting (Pinned Again)
3 Alternate 2
4 An Argument (Youre Mufasas Boy)
5 This Is My Home
6 The Return (Battle Of Pride Rock)
7 Alternate 3
8 Alternate 4
9 On our Side (Simba Awakens)

Inspirations - Maybach Television Commercial
It was composed bye hans and james dooley for a commercial. Its a rare single but beautifull track that is worhy to collect. It dosent come by easy, so enjoy.


Here is the music that hans comosed for the boxing series:
The Contender-Its promo-original
It is good album which has great music in to it.
I have also included an bootleg with different variasions of the album just for u guys. Listen And Rnjoy

Pearl Harbor Promotionnal Complete

01 Tenessee, 1923
02 We Fly !
03 Rafe To The Rescue
04 Rafe Begs
05 ...And Then I kissed Him
06 First Date
07 Rafe Says Goodbye
08 Brothers
09 Rafe Arrives In Britain
10 Meet The Japanese
11 Pearl Harbor
12 Letters (alternate)
13 Japanese Prepar I
14 Rafe Crashes
15 Danny Announce Bad News
16 Japanese Prepar II
17 Morning Training
18 Goodbye Rafe
19 Japanese Dissappear
20 Pearl Harbor At Sunset
21 Evelyn & Danny
22 Kimmel Briefing
23 Rafe Returns
24 Bad News
25 Calendar Pages
26 Hostile Imminent
27 We're Bombered !
28 Evelyn Awakes
29 Miller & His Captain - City Bombered - Bonus
30 Dorie The Hero
31 Oklahoma Sinking - Trapped
32 The President Learns The News
33 Japanese Prepar III
34 Airborne (rejected)
35 Airborne (film version)
36 December 7th
37 Trapped II - Roosevelt Speech
38 Roosevelt Speaks
39 Funeral
40 I'm Pregnant
41 Top Secret
42 Bonus
43 Rafe Burns Letters
44 Training
45 Tip Of The Sword
46 War Over Tokyo!
47 Heart Of A Volunteer
48 End Plane
49 ''There You'll Be'', performed by Faith Hill
50 End Credits
51 End Credits (alternate)
52 Trailer
53 International Trailer
54 Courage (SFX)


calendar girl promo

i didnt have time for this one but later, there is alot of music here, all links work..


Anonyme a dit…

one more thing mate, could you write a bit more clear for ur request, just their name is enough and composer, eventhough i know most of them..what i mean is write a request then press enter and write another one... its easier to read when there are many request... and u can request more if u want......


Anonyme a dit…

by the way did u rip the at worlds end, because i am really looking for a program that can help me with that???


ChiefDundee a dit…

Thanks for all the links!
Unfortunately this one doesn't work anymore (Pearl Harbor tracks not on the Recordings Sessions):

I didn't rip At World's End myself, sorry.

tristana a dit…


I look for the following scores :
Hans Zimmer : Africa-the Serengeti(15 tracks).
The thin red line F.I.C Edition (suite tracks 1-28).
Thanks and continues, your blog is superb!.

ChiefDundee a dit…

Sorry, I don't have these in my collection...

Anonyme a dit…

bonjour je recherche la score complette de the island impossible de la trouver pouriez vous maidé svp merci au fait super blog mon adresse :

ChiefDundee a dit…

J'ai une "Expanded Version" en projet. donc à bientôt...

Anonyme a dit…

Voilà, comme promis, quelques passages bonus de 'Island' avec des sfx vraiment mineurs par moment. Si ça peut t'aider à faire le boot..


ChiefDundee a dit…

Merci merci merci!
C'est génial!

Anonyme a dit…

jai trouver la complete score de the island j'espere que sela va t'aidé
ciao a bientot

ChiefDundee a dit…


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