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vendredi 14 septembre 2007

REGARDING HENRY Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

"Regarding Henry" by Hans Zimmer was #2 on my list. I've always considered this underrated score to be the composer's best synth opus.


1. Walkin Talking Man (03:36)
2. A cold Day in NY (02:21)
3. Blowfish (03:09)
4. Ritz (04:48)
5. Henry vs. Henry (03:12)
6. Ritz Part II (03:11)
7. I don´t like Eggs (03:18)
8. Gotta get me some of that (03:31)
9. Central Park, 6PM (04:20)
10. Buddy Grooves (05:19)

Total duration: 36:45

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