dimanche 14 juillet 2013

HITCHCOCK Suite - Danny Elfman


3 commentaires:

Scoredaddy a dit…

many thanks

Keir a dit…

Thanks. I was curious to see what Hitchcockesque themes and devises would be employed (especially after your uploads of the classic Vertigo and NNW scores), but it's simply more of Danny Elfman's insipid monotony. I know there was another Hitchcock-themed film produced last year; would be curious to see if the composer tried to match the music to the man.

ChiefDundee a dit…

You can listen to samples from The Girl here: http://www.philipmiller.info/audio/the-girl/.
Although I admit Hitchcock is monotonous, I wouldn't call it insipid. It's Elfmanesque, not everyone's taste. Would it have been better to compose a Bernard Herrmann pastiche? I'm not so certain.

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