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dimanche 7 mars 2010

BLOOD DIAMOND Suite - James Newton Howard


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Dimitri a dit…

Hey, Thanks for this!!
Some people say that a complete bootleg is out for Angels and Demons from Hans Zimmer, do you know bout this?
Do you know if there is an expanded/extended/complete score WITHOUT SFX?

Thanks in advance!

MiamiCool a dit…

Salut Chief Dundee, comme tu n'a pas de topic sur Brad Fiedel je me permet de demander ici...Aurais-tu par hasard le "Deluxe Edition" de Terminator 2 Judgement Day ?

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Dimitri: I've never heard of this so far.

@ MiamiCool: j'ai cette version:
01. Main Title (TERMINATOR 2 Theme) (01:56)
02. Sarah on the Run (02:31)
03. Escape From the Hospital (and T-1000) (04:34)
04. Desert Suite (03:25)
05. Sarah's Dream (Nuclear Nightmare) (01:49)
06. Attack on Dyson (Sarah's Solution) (04:07)
07. Our Gang Goes to Cyberdyne (03:11)
08. "Trust Me" (01:38)
09. John & Dyson Into Vault (00:41)
10. SWAT Team Attacks (03:22)
11. "I'll Be Back" (03:58)
12. Helicopter Chase (02:27)
13. Tanker Chase (01:42)
14. "Hasta La Vista, Baby" (T-1000 Freezes) (03:02)
15. Into the Steel Mill (01:25)
16. Cameron's Inferno (02:37)
17. Terminator Impaled (02:05)
18. Terminator Revives (02:14)
19. T-1000 Terminated (01:41)
20. "It's Over" ("Good-bye") (04:36)
(Total 53:01)

tourist.tam a dit…

Thanks for sharing. I never thought about the soundtrack of blood diamond.

fm372 a dit…

The link for the FLAC version doesn't work anymore. Could you re-upload it, please?

ChiefDundee a dit…


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