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vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Kingdom of Heaven: Complete Soundtrack re-uploaded

8 commentaires:

Nash a dit…

hey, chief here is a little treat for u.

here is a preview of the sims - Main Theme-1.52- I recommend it, its very good, specially the ending

Nash a dit…

i forgot to mention its by steve jablonsky, and by the way, have you found or heard of Madagascar 2 expanded?

ChiefDundee a dit…

Thanks! That's a great little tune :o)
I hope the score will ever be released.
About Madagascar 2, nope, I havn't heard of an expanded bootleg. Too bad.
See you!

L@$$e a dit…

is it possible to ask a film company to release american gangster complete score ??
like you do whit the batman score down at your page ??

ChiefDundee a dit…

I'm not the creator of the Batman Scores petition. A petition signed with a knickname wouldn't have any meaning. And that wouldn't be wise to leave my real name out there. You see, I'd like to continue blogging without too much imperial entanglements...

L@$$e a dit…

so it isnt possible to get a american gansgter complete score :(

Carolina a dit…


I've been looking for the Kingdom of Heaven 4cd's soundtrack, I love this music, but I haven't find it. Is there a way I can download it from here? I'd be deeply grateful if you could help.

Many thanks in advance

ChiefDundee a dit…

Hello Carolina,
You'll find the download links on this page: you :o)

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