samedi 3 mai 2008

K19: THE WIDOWMAKER Suite - Klaus Badelt


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Tellur a dit…

Greetings, great blog!

I've downloaded about 20 of your wonderful suites without a problem, but unfortunately, I've tried downloading this "Widowmaker" suite many times and the MediaFire link seems to be broken. This is the only one that doesn't seem to work for me. Could you please re-upload this in your spare time? Thanks!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Hello! It seems to be working now. Can you try again?

Unknown a dit…

Hi chief, the link is still working, but I'm not really clear on what this is exactly...

The OST track listing I've been able to dig up looks like this:

1. Suite for Orchestra and Chorus in G Minor: Fear - Largo
2. Suite for Orchestra and Chorus in G Minor: Fate - Adagio
3. Suite for Orchestra and Chorus in G Minor: War - Allegro
4. Suite for Orchestra and Chorus in G Minor: Soul - Misterioso
5. Home
6. Heroes
7. Journey
8. Capt. Alexi Vostrikov
9. Missile Launch - The Rescue
10. Reactor -- Selections from "Voices of Light"
11. Reunion

Does the suite you offer here equal tracks 1 to 4 above. or only one of these? Any chance of finding the full soundtrack perhaps?

Another request would be the soundtrack to the movie 'For the moment'. It was supposedly composed by Victor Davies, but I'm not even able to find a tracklist for it.

Finally, here's one of your requests: John Debney's score for the Emperor's New Groove:


ChiefDundee a dit…

It's a suite I edited myself, not the suite from the commercial CD.
Basically, it's track #7 "Journey" with excerpts taken from tracks #5, #6 and #8, and from the complete bootleg score (tracks #1 and #7 from CD1).

If you wish I can upload this bootleg.

However, I didn't find anything about For the Moment, sorry.
Regarding The Emperor's New Groove, thanks you for your share, but it's not this version :( The request was made on the Promo score. Thanks anyway!

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