lundi 5 mai 2008

1941 - Promo score by John Williams

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dragon of the blackpool a dit…

Thanks Chief, You're definately in my cool book!


Chief of Police Ebeneezer Esteridge a dit…

I have the original on Vinyl and CD so it should be cool to hear the Promo. And in my opinion a highly underrated movie. Thank you so much!!

BillyWitchDoctor a dit…

If you liked the movie, try to nab the Heavy Metal comic-book adaptation from eBay or Alibris!

Drawn by Bissette and Veitch of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing fame (but also using TONS of wartime propaganda imagery and other artwork from the time), not only is every page of it a work of art, the book is far more outrageous than Spielberg could ever dream of being, and naturally more suited to the cartoonish humor for which he was aiming.

Omer P a dit…


Me again :)

Would like to ask also to upload this one again to mediashare or megaupload...


Omer P a dit…

Thank you very much :)

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