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samedi 1 mars 2008

TRON - Wendy Carlos


Files are encoded with FLAC. You can play them with Foobar2000, or decode them to .wav files with Flac Frontend.

1. Creation of Tron (00:46)
2. Only Solutions (03:37)
Written and Performed by Journey
3. We've Got Company (02:15)
4. Wormhole (02:26)
5. Ring Game and Escape (02:54)
6. Water, Music, and Tronaction (02:22)
7. Tron Scherzo (01:44)
8. Miracle and Magician (02:37)
9. Magic Landings (03:40)
10. Theme from Tron (01:31)
11. 1990's Theme (02:04)
Written and Performed by Journey
12. Love Theme (02:04)
13. Tower Music / Let Us Pray (03:47)
14. The Light Sailer (02:36)
15. Sea of Simulation (03:23)
16. A New Tron and The MCP (05:10)
17. Anthem (01:37)
18. Ending Titles (05:10)
19. Tronaction (Original Version) (01:26)
20. Break In (For Strings, Flutes and Celesta) (05:31)
21. Anthem for Keyboard Solo (01:09)

Total Duration 57:49

5 commentaires:

nemesis a dit…

Oh my god!
Je ne sais pas si vous allez faire beaucoup d'heureux avec ce score mais pour moi, c'est le panard total,total flac, TOTAAAAL!
Merci grand chief (référence au Peckinpah, non?)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Plutôt au Chief O'Brien de "Star Trek DS9" :)

Monkey Island Blues a dit…

Is it possible a re-up please?

ChiefDundee a dit…

The link works:

Monkey Island Blues a dit…

Ops, sorry my mistake! XD...many thanks

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