mardi 27 novembre 2007

MARS ATTACKS! Complete Score - Danny Elfman

Track listing

1. Burning Cattle / Main Titles (04:06)
2. Newspapers (00:15)
3. First Sighting (01:25)
4. White House Walk (00:29)
5. Barbara's Speech / Billy Glenn Leaves (02:20)
6. White House Discussion (01:16)
7. To the Landing Site (03:33)
8. The Arrival (05:06)
9. The Martians Attack (02:59)
10. Message to the Martians (02:16)
11. Barbara & Art (00:16)
12. Ungodly Experiments (00:52)
13. Martian Response (00:32)
14. Blowing Up Congress (04:20)
15. Instructions (00:46)
16. Loving Heads (01:17)
17. Martian Spy Girl (03:00)
18. Jerry's Secret Lounge (01:52)
19. Presidential Bedroom Assassination (01:41)
20. Martians Prepare for Battle (01:38)
21. Washington Under Fire (00:54)
22. White House Massacre (01:41)
23. Viva Las Vegas (00:38)
24. Casino Shoot Out (00:45)
25. Under Siege (00:58)
26. Paris Burning (01:00)
27. The Atomic Bomb / Worldwide Destruction (03:07)
28. The Chase / Saving Grandma (03:45)
29. Shrinking General (02:12)
30. The President's Speech (02:44)
31. On The Run (00:36)
32. Airfield Fight (02:05)
33. New World (01:44)
34. Ritchie's Speech (03:09)
35. End Credits (12:36) - (3:53 + bonus tracks)

Total Duration: 78'07

9 commentaires:

Mad Dog a dit…

BOO YEH!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

I love this movie and heard there was a complete score but could never find it.

There is a Santa Claus.

And AK!AK!AK! Back at ya

ChiefDundee a dit…

Merry AK-AK!

Anonyme a dit…

Great post! Tha-ak-ak-ak-ak-anks!

Anonyme a dit…

i'm pantomima, gordillo, ... from other forums, programs, ...
just wanted to know if you want me to post here some links to gigasize files (of course, uploaded from my original albums).
they are Goldsmith's albums, but i don´t know if you want o not.

thanks for all the good job you are doing.

see you.

as i always say: "un saludo y buena caza"

ChiefDundee a dit…


Of course you're welcome to share your links with us, especially if it's promo, bootleg, rare or out-of-print stuff.
But are you sure you don't want to create a blog of your own? It's really fun!

Be seeing you!

Anonyme a dit…

really don't know if it's rare, dificult to find,...
they are (right now i'm uploading two or three more):
forever young
sleeping with the enemy
the omen - deluxe edition
damien, the omen ii - deluxe edition
the final conflict - deluxe edition

and in a few days:
100 riffles (FSM Silver Age Classics)
Rio Conchos
The Last Castle
Air Force One
Islands in the stream

un saludo y buena caza

Fuzzy Duck a dit…

I can't seem to download from the new links. Are they still working, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!

ChiefDundee a dit…

The 2 links from FileFactory are still active.
Sometimes traffic is saturated.

Fuzzy Duck a dit…

It worked! Thank you very much!

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