dimanche 18 novembre 2007

CHICKEN RUN Suite - John Powell & Harry Gregson-Williams


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bellarmine a dit…

Hi, I found your blog while searching for a soundtrack, what a great collection!

I saw your notice about old links, and I'm wondering if you still have the files for these 3:
Chicken Run
The Alamo (1960)
Ben Hur

I've also left a comment on the Alamo.

Chicken Run is such a funny show, and the soundtrack is VERY hard to find. Any assistance would be appreciated!


ChiefDundee a dit…

All links updated.
I had no idea Chicken Run was now OOP. Il will do a proper rip from my CD.

bellarmine a dit…

Hi Dundee,

Thank you very much for updating them all, I appreciate it! They now all go to the Ficher sharing site. Is the link problem simply moving the "ficher" to the beginning of the link rather than the end - for example:
Old: http://vokg3jm.1fichier.com/
New: https://1fichier.com/?xjudx4g

However, I cannot get the Ficher site to work. It keeps saying to allow ads, then sometimes I get a popup which says "Popups disabled click here to continue".

I have disabled my ad / popup blocker in Firefox and Antivirus, makes no difference. I did get one of your other albums to work before, but never the above 3. Could you double-check that Chicken Run for sure is still available from Ficher, then I'll have to do some more debugging?

Thank you again Dundee!


ChiefDundee a dit…

About the link problem, yes it's exactly that :)
About the popups, I don't know. All these links work. I use Chrome with adblock, and I don't have any issues.

bellarmine a dit…

Hello again Dundee,

Appreciate your responses. I've been trying again, and I've finally found two that work, but the rest still don't work.

Would you mind checking once more, can you see any difference yourself between these five:

--> These 2 work, I click the FLAC button and I get a Save Download dialog box:


--> However these 3, when I click the FLAC button I just go to the https://1fichier.com site, saying to allow cookies blah blah which I do, and I have no luck there no matter how many ads I allow:


I'm perfectly willing to say it's my computer, I have a lot of security software, but why would the first two work and the rest not, there must be a difference somewhere.....:o) I'm using Firefox 52.9 ESR.

Thanks again Dundee!


ChiefDundee a dit…

I don't know. I checked and I don't see any difference.

bellarmine a dit…

Hello Dundee,

Bit of good news, I finally got your downloads to work! I used a fresh Firefox profile and the downloads work fine - guess the NoScript and other plugins interefere with the site even when it is 'allowed'.

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it! And also thanks for uploading an even better copy of Chicken Run - just found it now and left a comment too. Good stuff here, I find soundtracks I didn't even know existed - Driving Miss Daisy is really beautiful, also Song of Bernadette. You do a great job with all the covers too, nice addition to the music and makes them complete.

Thanks again Dundee, cheers!


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