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THE PRISONER 50th Anniversary Edition - Vol. 1 - ARRIVAL

Preview: tracks 1/2/3/4

“Arrival”: The Complete Soundtrack

1. Main Titles   (2:06)
2. Opening   (0:56)
3. From Café to Phone   (0:17)
4. Local Taxi   (0:32)
5. A Colour Map   (0:12)
6. Maid Viewed on Balcony   (0:24)
7. Maid Rushes away   (0:03)
8. "Welcome" Message   (0:13)
9. Going to No. 2's Residence   (0:24)
10. Entering No. 2's Chamber   (0:35)
11. No. 2's Slideshow   (0:26)
12. From Helicopter to Old People's Home   (0:45)
13. A Walk on the Grass with No. 2   (2:12)
14. Breaking Toy at Labour Exchange   (0:21)
15. "Soothing" Radio Music   (3:06)
16. Radio Is Replaced   (0:21)
17. Attempted Escape from Woods   (2:23)
18. Beach Chase and Fight   (0:44)
19. Rover and Ambulance   (0:34)
20. Group Therapy   (0:36)
21. Cobb's Jumped   (0:12)
22. Leaving Hospital / Meeting with New No. 2   (0:57)
23. Cobb's Funeral   (1:58)
24. 12 O'clock Concert   (1:11)
25. Leaving Concert   (0:17)
26. Playing Chess with the Admiral   (0:07)
27. Meeting at the Stone Boat   (0:08)
28. Passing Girls at Pool on Way to Helicopter   (0:50)
29. Helicopter Escape / "We Are All Pawns"   (0:40)
30. Rover / Return to Village   (0:23)
31. End Titles   (1:06)

Total Time: 24:59

Library Tracks

32. Opening   (1:49)
33. Eerie   (0:38)
34. Experiments in Space - Part 1 - 1. Vega   (0:33)
35. Party Dress   (2:19)
36. Outer Space   (3:02)
37. Industrial Vortex   (1:12)
38. Radetzky March   (1:49)
39. Moon Lullaby   (3:22)
40. Petite Valse de Concert   (3:00)
41. Freedom of the City   (2:44)
42. Double X   (2:25)

Total Time: 22:52

Robert Farnon’s Partially Used Score

43. A1M1 Main Titles   (2:36)
44. A2M1 P. about to Enter No. 2's House for the First Time   (0:37)
45. A2M2 Sup-Imp Section   (1:11)
46. A2M4 Helicopter Descends after No. 2 Tour with P. round Village / Old People's Home   (0:45)
47. A3M2 Birth of Rover   (0:28)
48. A4M2 P. out of House / Gardener (Identical) / Bushes / Rover / Control / Arrives at Beach   (2:24)
49. A4M2 (all drums at end) P. out of House / Gardener (Identical) / Bushes / Rover / Control / Arrives at Beach   (2:23)
50. A4M3 Beach Fight / Rover Overcomes P. / Ambulance Arrives   (1:46)
51. A4M4 Boys and Girls Come out to Play   (0:36)
52. 1-7 Pop Goes the Weasel (Piano)   (1:16)
53. A6M1 What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor   (0:10)
54. A6M3A No. 2 Orders Take Over of Helicopter as P. Tries to Escape   (1:15)
55. A6M5 End Credits   (1:04)

Total Time: 15:32

Wilfred Josephs’ Partially Used Score

56. A1M1/A1M2 Main Titles / P. Wakes from Gassing / Taxi Girl   (5:07)
57. A1M7 "Welcome Home" Card   (0:29)
58. A2M2 P. Goes into No.2's Office First Time   (0:35)
59. A3M2 Birth of Rover   (0:26)
60. A3M4 P. Smashes Toy after Tests in Labour Exchange   (0:19)
61. A4M2 P. Out / Gardener / Rover / TV / Beach   (2:23)
62. A4M4 Boys and Girls Come out to Play   (0:37)
63. A5M1 Through Alarm Bell "Cobb Dead"   (0:10)
64. A5M2 P. out Hospital / Cards / Taxi / No. 2's Office   (0:57)
65. A6M1 What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor   (0:08)
66. A6M2 P. Leaves Girl, Gets to Helicopter   (1:52)
67. A6M3 Take Over of Helicopter   (1:11)
68. A6M4 P. Out Helicopter / Rover / "Residents Only"   (0:39)
69. A6M5 End Credits   (1:05)

Total Time: 15:56

Bonus Track

70. "I Will Not Make Any Deals with You"   (0:16)

Total Album Time: 1:19:34

Tracks 1-2, 31-32 Composed by Ron Grainer
Tracks 3-4, 19, 33 Composed by Albert Elms
Tracks 5, 7, 9, 11-12, 17-18, 20, 26, 29, 34, 36-37, 43-55 Composed by Robert Farnon
Tracks 8, 10, 14, 21-22, 27-28, 30, 56-69 Composed by Wilfred Josephs
Tracks 6, 35 Composed by Tony Tamburello
Tracks 13, 23, 38 Composed by Johann Strauss
Tracks 15, 39 Composed by Mark Lubbock
Tracks 16, 40 Composed by Roger Barsotti
Tracks 24, 41 Composed by Arnold Steck
Tracks 25, 42 Composed by C.H. Jaeger

13 commentaires:

Ranchu a dit…

Interesting. What is the source for this? How different is this from the Network release years ago?

ChiefDundee a dit…

The Network release is the source for the original score cues.
Most of the Chappell library cues come from another 3xCD set available through the Unmutual website.

Mike a dit…

THANK YOU for all your posts. They're greatly appreciated.

Shadok a dit…

Merci pour cet énorme partage.
Donc, si je comprends bien, ton édition représente "l'intrégale" de la musique de tous les épisodes, musique source et library incluses, dans l'ordre chronologique?
Donc je peux balancer toutes les diverses compil. que j'ai accumulées!
Merci encore :)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Tu peux garder les livrets, à la rigueur :)

Shadok a dit…

Merci pour ta réponse.
Tu as fait un énorme travail, et les pochettes sont superbes.

Ogareff a dit…

Bravo pour cette extraordinaire compilation, que de chemin parcouru depuis l'époque où gamin j'enregistrais sur magneto à bande le son des épisodes de cette formidable série. merci bcp, je vais me replonger dans l'univers musical du Prisonnier.

Aymerick417 a dit…

Enorme ! Merci beaucoup Chief ;)

Steranko a dit…

Alors là, je suis scié...
Merci plus que beaucoup dear chief.

Unknown a dit…

AMAAZING work! this set is incredibly well put together.
i spent a little time comparing with the old network set, i may be wrong but it appears there may be a couple of tracks missing on your set from the 3cd Network release
i've included the Cd/track details from the network set:

1-10 Secondary Theme - Jazz Slow Tempo
1-11 Secondary Theme - Jazz Fast Tempo

and two alternates:
1-37 A4M4-3 "Boys And Girls Come Out To Play"
3-14 M81-1 P. Sets Off Pigeon, Tracked And Killed

i also compared with the new 50th Anniversary CD set tracklist which appears to has a couple of new tracks:

2-68 Albert Elms - CM2 Wild Take 1
3-18 Albert Elms - CM3 Wild Take 1
6-35 J-C. Casadessus And P. Berlioz - Holiday For Drums - Pierre Arvay
6-38 Melodi Light Orchestra - The Lathe - Robert Mersey

The 50th Anniversary set also now lists the 'Happy Birthday' cue as:
2-58 M85 Take 2: Two Versions 'Happy Birthday'

I dont have the 50th set so cant check if the track differs from the previously released version.

just wanted to inform you of those observations and say thanks once again for a marvelous set.

Unknown a dit…

i've worked out that those 2 Albert Elms tracks (CM2 Wild Take 1 and CM3 Wild Take 2) are actually included on your set as track 36 on Disc 7 and track 18 on Disc 6. CM2 Wild Take 1 is a bit better quality on the Man In A Suitcase cd set compared to yours.

i've tracked down a copy of Holiday For Drums by Pierre Arvay(flac) and The Lathe (youtube sourced) but not sure what episodes they featured in. i can send them your way if you'd like.

Also i noticed that the version of "Pop goes the weasel" used in Arrival when P is playing chess is actually "Pop Three" you can hear the percussion under the helicopter sound.

ChiefDundee a dit…

No need to send the files. I have the new 50th anniversary set.
Holiday For Drums is used in the alternate edit of Arrival (the walk down the corridor, during the opening titles).
The Lathe is in the alternate edit of The Chimes of Big Ben, when P. cuts down the tree and carves his boat.

Unknown a dit…

thank you so much for the info.
with the new 50th Anniversary set is there any upgrade in quality from the older Network and Chappell sets, or did you use the 50th tracks as the source for your cds already?

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