dimanche 1 juin 2014

NAVAJO JOE Suite - Ennio Morricone


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Pekingesejedi a dit…

Hi Chief.I was wonder when you were going to post suites for
"Thor:The Dark World",
"Iron Man 3",
"The Dark Knight Rises",
"X Men:Days Of Future Past",
"The Wolverine",
"Amazing Spider Man 2",
"Captain America:The Winter Soldier",
"Captain Phillips",
"Transcendence" and
"Winter's Tale"

Also,Thank you for giving me public props for getting you the "Inception" FLAC masters for your suite.I just saw that,and I really appreciate it.


ChiefDundee a dit…

I'll have to plan these for 2015.
For now, there's more Ennio Morricone coming up.
I'm currently working on some earlier requests, including suites by Michael Kamen, Marco Beltrami and Michael Giacchino.

Pekingesejedi a dit…

Thanks Chief.I saw you on the Film Score Shrine Forum asking for the Captain America FLAC like
I did.I asked too,but that guy who has it seems to be on a power trip and won't post a link for anyone.If I find it first somehow,I'll Dropbox it to you for your blog.


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