samedi 17 juillet 2010

TRANSFORMERS Expanded Score - Steve Jablonsky

01. Autobots (2:33)
02. Soldiers Arrive (0:31)
03. Bogey Approach (1:23)
04. My Ladies (0:34)
05. Soccent Attack (2:07)
06. Sam's Theme (2:00)
07. Crazy Grandfather (0:16)
08. Angry Camaro (1:12)
09. Deciphering the Signal (3:09)
10. Sam at the Lake (2:00)
11. Belly Shot (0:15)
12. Pentagon to Air Force One (0:49)
13. Main Frame Tampering (2:30)
14. Cargo Shootout (1:58)
15. Camaro On the Run (2:51)
16. Skorpinok (5:30)
17. Sim in the Compact (0:35)
18. Embedded Message (1:11)
19. Satan's Camaro (0:30)
20. Sam's Pink Bike Pursuit (0:52)
21. Are You Ladies Man 217? (1:25)
22. We're Locked in (2:09)
23. Arrival to Earth (5:27)
24. Cybertron (2:46)
25. Whitwicky (4:27)
26. Sector 7 (0:33)
27. Take Em and Bake Em (1:01)
28. Criminals Are Hot (0:42)
29. Autobots to the Rescue (1:20)
30. Not to Hear That (0:26)
31. Simmons Takes It Off (0:50)
32. Speaker Phone (0:50)
33. When Feds Attack (2:05)
34. Bumblebee Captured (2:17)
35. Hoover Dam (1:09)
36. Optimus (3:16)
37. Frenzy Falls (0:25)
38. People Are Going to Die Here (0:30)
39. The All Spark (3:35)
40. Decepticons (3:52)
41. Nokia Bot (0:20)
42. Speeding Autos (0:32)
43. Bumblebee (3:58)
44. Frenzy (1:57)

01. Megatron Awakens (Unused) (3:41)
02. Optimus Sword (0:41)
03. F-22's to the City (1:33)
04. Stumble Bumble (1:11)
05. Devastator (0:52)
06. You're a Soldier Now (3:27)
07. Downtown Battle (1:19)
08. Mountain Dew (0:43)
09. Sam in the Building (0:42)
10. Surreal Mikaela (0:36)
11. Sam on the Roof (2:01)
12. Optimus vs Megatron (4:00)
13. No Sacrifice, No Victory (2:58)
14. A Call to Arms (Unused) (2:26)
15. Attack (Demo) (5:11)
16. Battle (Unused) (3:51)
17. Brooding (Demo) (4:34)
18. Tense Action (Demo) (2:53)
19. Autobots (Less Chorus) (2:38)
20. Deciphering the Signal (Alt) (2:00)
21. Main Frame Tampering (Alt.) (3:45)
22. Skorpinok (Album Version) (4:57)
23. Arrival to Earth (Original Version) (8:17)
24. Cybertron (No Cello) (2:43)
25. Decepticons (Alt.) (4:43)
26. The All Spark (Alt.) (3:55)
27. Devastator (Alt.) (0:44)
28. No Sacrifice, No Victory (No Choir) (2:29)

Total Time - 2:37:30

23 commentaires:

B_Diddy1123 a dit…

I love you, man! :-D

Romain Revert a dit…

Super ! Merci ! Toujours rien concernant un score complet pour revenge of the fallen ?

Fox Prime a dit…

Merci à toi, je n'avais pas celui-là !

ChiefDundee a dit…

Non, toujours rien sur "Revenge".

Luis a dit…

Hey, I'm from Mexico and its a great post!!! The movie is bad, but the music is "correct", and in this awesome full edition... wow! Just a thing, can you post in more links? for my very slow internet connection (TELMEX) its impossible download it in one session.

Gracias por el aporte!!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Which file size do you require?

Aggelos a dit…

Actually I cannot download it neither.
I think megaupload has a 500 MB limit for the free users (uploading and downloading). I am free use and my download stopped at 473MB.

ChiefDundee a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Anto a dit…

Le fichier n'est plus dispo sur file factory. Cela met : "Sorry, due to an unexpected error the file you are requesting is no longer available. If you are the owner of the file then please upload it again"

Serait-il possible de le réuploader?

merci d'avance!

Leigh a dit…

The download link doesn't work :(

ChiefDundee a dit…

I know. I'm on it. Please be patient.

Leigh a dit…

OK, so long as you're aware :)

ChiefDundee a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Leigh a dit…

Thank you very much! But I'm sorry, I can't see a download link on that page?

ChiefDundee a dit…

A click on the 'Flac' button should launch the download within a few seconds...

Leigh a dit…

There is no Flac button - when I open the link I get a message saying my browser cannot connect to the page. When I do connect I get redirected to the main page at I've tried searching for the file from there but I can't seem to find it that way either. Sorry.

ChiefDundee a dit…

It should work the same way as it did for Mission Impossible 2...

Leigh a dit…

Yes, I don't know what's changed but I think it's started working now. I just need to wait for a download slot to open up. Thank you!

Anto a dit…

Le lien ne semble plus marcher.
Et une version mp3 existe t'elle?

ChiefDundee a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
dany perez a dit…

quiero descargarlo no esta el link help link

ChiefDundee a dit…

Here's the working link:

Kaushal Zaveri a dit…

This man here deserves NOBEL PRIZE!

When i start earning, i will donate to you! I swear!!!

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