vendredi 8 janvier 2010

THE ROCK Expanded Score - Nick Glennie-Smith / Hans Zimmer / Harry Gregson-Williams

Why another edition? Because it's lossless and sounds awesome.
01. A Grave Injustice (3:49)
02. Hummel Gets the Rockets (4:15)
03. Defusing the Bomb (2:25)
04. Tour's Over (3:31)
05. Hummel's Speech (2:27)
06. Mason Breaks the Glass (2:08)
07. The Chase (8:37)
08. Jade (2:02)
09. The Mission (7:14)
10. Welcome to the Rock / In the Tunnels (4:14)
11. Shower Room Massacre (4:54)
12. Bomb's Away (3:45)
13. The Morgue (1:48)
14. Mine Cart Escape (2:01)
15. Tunnel Shootout (4:12)
16. Mason's Walk (5:36)
17. The Final Hour (4:08)
18. Rocket Away (1:54)
19. Air Strike Approved (1:56)
20. Mutiny (5:24)
21. The Last Rocket (3:06)

01. Frye and Goodspeed Fight (2:25)
02. Green Smoke / Saving Goodspeed (5:31)
03. Fort Walton, Kansas (1:35)
04. End Credits (4:51)
05. Main Titles (Demo) (2:42)
06. Hummel Gets the Rockets (Alternate) (4:18)
07. Defusing the Bomb (Alternate) (2:26)
08. Jade (Demo) (2:50)
09. The Mission (Alternate) (7:22)
10. Welcome to the Rock (Alternate) (1:38)
11. In the Tunnels (Alternate) (1:57)
12. Mine Cart Escape (Alternate) (2:13)
13. Green Smoke (Alternate) (2:38)
14. Kansas (Demo) (2:26)
15. The Rock - Suite (25:38)
16. Fort Walton, Kansas (Alternate) / End Title Suite (Alternate) (6:47)
Total Time - 02:36:40

24 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

salut chief dundee
aurai tu le complete score de Hancock

ChiefDundee a dit…

Eh non, désolé.

venharis a dit…

Merci Chief,je n'avais pas cette version.Super ton blog continue !!!

Paulluss22 a dit…

Hey Chief
When are you doing some suites again???

With Regards paul

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Battersea 47: j'ai supprimé ton message par erreur. Je suis vraiment désolé! Pour répondre à ta question, je pense que ce genre d'enregistremant vraiment parfait sort des studios via les ingénieurs du son ou les compositeurs eux-mêmes qui les destinent à des amis. Ensuite cela peut passer de main en main. L'ami d'un ami d'un ami le met sur un torrent ou sur un forum, ... et voilà, c'est sur le net et c'est incontrôlable.

@ Paulluss22 : Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to do. A suite from Blood Diamond by James Newton Howard has been requested some time ago. I'll edit this one soon.

Be seeing you!

Ald0rad0 a dit…

Hello, ChiefDundee. I was wondering if you could find the OST to 2003 film Down With Love. it's by Marc Shaiman. I have searched for it all over the internet and on every store in my country. They tell me it's out of print. Do you have it or can you find it? Please!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Well, I don't have it, but Amazon does.

theodred27 a dit…

salut chef.
J aime beaucoup ton travail sur les suites , que je trouve tres pro.
J'aimerai en faire une de waterworld, as tu des tuyaux a me donner . =)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Je ne sais pas si cela peut t'être utile, mais j'essaye maintenant de suivre quelques principes de base qui se sont un peu "imposés" au fil du temps:
- une durée idéale entre 20 et 30 mn
- bien choisir le début et la fin
- ne pas forcément suivre l'ordre des pistes du CD d'origine (ou même l'ordre chronologique du film).

Bon courage ^_^

Andre a dit…


First of all, thank you very muc for those soundtracks. If it's possible, can you add Band of Brothers full soundtrack to this site?



ChiefDundee a dit…

I'm sorry, I don't know of any complete edition for Band of Brothers

Jane a dit…

merci mille fois pour The Rock complete score en lossless !!!! jen ai des larmes de joie ! un classique de mon enfance ! finalement trouvé !

ChiefDundee a dit…

Je suis ravi d'avoir pu être utile ^_^

Gav a dit…

This edition of The Rock is one I personally compiled. Just so you know :)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Yes indeed. Augmented with the Suite I previously edited and the last alternate track ^_^

Ehjae a dit…

Thanks so much! I couldn't find this in any stores...

Aggelos a dit…

Merci beaucoup Chief!
Actually this score is badass!!! I mean it contains 100% badassery!!!!
Those synthesizers are florid, flamboyant, gaudy, flashy, brash, jaunty, impetuous, powerful.
And this is an awesome lossless release. So, like director John Badham said. "When playing this (Hans Zimmer) CD don't be shy, play it big, play it LOUD! Make your neighbours call the cops!"

And it is superfluous to say that this thing in flac!

Aggelos a dit…

Hello Chief,
Could please upload Nick Glennie-Smith's "Dirty Pictures"?
Your link's dead.

In addition, the "Invincible" promo release?

Thanks in advance!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Here's Dirty Pictures

Aggelos a dit…

thanks a lot for Dirty Pictures!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

You're welcome.
I don't really see the point in this Invincible Promo release. It has less music than the official CD.

ChiefDundee a dit…

Hancock Expanded 2CD:

Leigh a dit…

The download link for this doesn't seem to work any more. Could you re-upload it somewhere?

ChiefDundee a dit…

New link for Hancock (2CD):

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