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vendredi 14 août 2009

STAR TREK -IV- THE VOYAGE HOME Suite - Leonard Rosenman


4 commentaires:

Tellur a dit…

Thanks for all the Trek suites! I like them even though I've only seen the TOS movies and I'm only on the 3-rd season of TNG... It will take me about three more years to catch up :-).

I also finished my "Encampment" track and I like the way it develops, so I dedicate it to you ChiefDundee :-):

I also finished some of the other tracks. The whole MP3 album should be finished soon :-).

Nash a dit…

Hey chief, its been too long, hope ur well mate, thanks for bad comapany + more.

Here are some gifts from me.


The davinici code Complete score 2 cd.


This is truly rare, Face Off Complete score, 2 disc edition in Lossless.

CD1: 26 tracks
CD2: 24 tracks

lossless APE
size: 569 Mb

Tracks 23 & 24 missing from CD1:


ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Nash: Thanks a lot for the gifts. I didn't even know there was a Complete DaVinci Code. This is great!

@ Tellur: Thank you so much for the dedicace. Have fun with the Star Trek series. I hope you'll love them as much as I did (especially Deep Space Nine).
Thanks again!

Keanx_zZ7 a dit…

Merci Chief pour toutes les Suites de Star Trek, and Thanks Nash for The Complete Da Vinci Code :)

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