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samedi 13 juin 2009

STAR TREK: NEMESIS Suite - Jerry Goldsmith


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ChiefDundee a dit…
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L@$$e a dit…

hello chief :)

i got the score for the new movie taking of pelham 123, by harry gregson williams :)

BTW you dont know of any body of lies bootlegs ???

ChiefDundee a dit…

Thanks! But I have nothing on Body of Lies, sorry.

Bateferanlgo a dit…


Bravo pour ton blog très intéressant.

Je découvre la musique de POTC 3 et j'essaye de comprendre les releases existantes.
Tu as fait une playlist ici :

Est-il possible de dl qpart ce score expanded ?
J'ai bien trouvé les "unreleased tracks" mais pas l'expanded complet.

De plus, d'où vient le 1er morceau "Pieces of Eight" que je ne retrouve nulle part ailleurs ? Il est différence du "Hoist the colours" qui est dispo il me semble.

Merci !

deadpool_09 a dit…

i tried to download Remote Control Samplers vol1 from your links but it is down. would you mind reuploading? the only track i need, honestly, is da vinci code credits. thanks!

Tellur a dit…

Hi Chief,

I just noticed you put up a link to my music webside in your blog sideboard - thanks so much! I'm already getting much more visitors to my site.

Once I complete my first MP3 CD I'll be glad to offer it here for download.

Will you also be doing a Brian Tyler Star Trek Suite? His contribution to the TV series was pretty decent.

riddim1903 a dit…

My good and dear FRIEND Chief,

Honestly I run out of superlatives when I want to describe the work you do. :(
Iwish to say though, that quality is always guaranteed to visitors in your blog!

Today I downloaded the Parent Trap, Startrek Nemesis and Big Green Suites.

C'est Magnifique!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks and admiration good friend!


ChiefDundee a dit…

Hello everyone!

@ Bateferanlgo: La playlist que tu mentionnes est faite à partir de plusieurs expanded scores qui sont apparus au fil des mois et dont j'ai gardé les "meilleurs morceaux" (encore que ça se discute):
- les unreleased tracks créés par Ynreob et compilés par moi
- L'expanded en 23 morceaux créés et compilés par Zanzan: Part 1Part 2Part 3
- L'expanded en 16 morceaux créé et compilé par Uga2
Le mix de tout cela donne ma playlist de 26 morceaux que tu peux télégarger ici:
Pour finir, il faut aussi signaler le D A R T H Edit de POTC3: les 2 CDs officiels remontés dans l'ordre du film (donc pas de SFX mais pas de musique inédite non plus).

@ Deadpool_09: Sorry, but I give up reuploading those libraries. The links are almost instantly dismissed every time. Here's the Da Vinci Code Credits anyway:

@ Tellur: So far I hadn't really thought of editing Suites from the TV soundtracks. I haven't made my mind yet. I'll think of that after I'm done with the Star Trek movies I guess... I know you're a B. Tyler Fan, and I remember writing about a John Rambo Suite a while back. Well I haven't done that yet either! So much to do... so little time...

@ Riddim1903: Thank you for your heartwarming words. I didn't create the blog waiting for praise or applause, but often after a hard day at work, it feels good to read such words.
Well, thank you for being here! Carpe Diem!

Please note that all the credit for The Parent Trap and The Big Green Suites goes to TYLER from TRK Sudios. I had absolutely nothing to do with it.
He just sent me a suite from Transformers 2 I hope you'll enjoy too!

Be seeing you!

Tellur a dit…


I'm not really a Tyler fan, it just so happens I like his "Dune" and "Star Trek". In fact, I dislike most of his action scores and consider them simplistic :-).

ChiefDundee a dit…

Ah? OK...
I must be a little bit tylered... I mean tired :o)

deadpool_09 a dit…

thanks for the end credits!

deadpool_09 a dit…

woah, when i imported this into itunes,it said this was an expanded score. can you upload and give me a link for this extended edit? please??

ChiefDundee a dit…

I don't have any, sorry. Actually I think the End Credits are the only extension. Note the number 15: the commercial soundtrack has 14 tracks. Coincidence?

deadpool_09 a dit…

oh well.but thanks for the credits anyway!

gunslinger a dit…

Greetings Chief!

I've been enjoying all the Star Trek Suites posted here but cannot access Nemesis in either flac or mp3 formats...the hosting site says the files no longer exist. Any chance of reposting please?

Many thanks,


ChiefDundee a dit…

You may download the mp3 from this link: here
I'm currently reuploading the Flac.
See you ^_^

ChiefDundee a dit…

- MP3

gunslinger a dit…


Thanks a million for the re-post of the Nemesis suite.

Your site is at the top of my list...


ChiefDundee a dit…

You're welcome :o)

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