lundi 4 mai 2009

BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES - Shirley Walker / Lolita Ritmanis / Michael McCuistion

Limited Edition of 3000 units.
I guess I was buyer #3001...
Fortunately I found this lossless copy.
This post is dedicated to all the #3001 over the world.
01. Gotham City Overture (14:01)
02. Batman: The Animated Series - Main Title (composed by Danny Elfman) (1:02)
Score From Episode "On Leather Wings" (by Shirley Walker)
03. Sub-Main Title / Batwing / Bat Attack (1:51)
04. Batman Drives To Gotham (1:00)
05. Batman Investigates / Batman Uses Infrared / Police Rush Building (1:48)
06. Batman Escapes / Batman Flies (1:48)
07. Bats / Evidence Goes Up In Smoke / The Formula / Dr Jekyll And Mr. Bat (3:01)
08. Gotham From the Air / Ride'Em Batman / Epilogue (2:16)
Score From Episode "The Last Laugh" (by Shirley Walker)
09. Sub-Main Title (1:35)
10. The Submarine / Joker Loots Gotham (2:35)
11. Alfred Loses It (0:58)
12. Bat Boat / Batman Catches The Big Fish / Batman Fights The Bad Guys (2:18)
13. Cliff-Hanger Under Water / Batman A.K.A Houdini (1:56)
14. Batman The Terminator (2:01)
15. Batman Vs. Joker / Batman Vs Joker Part 2 (3:47)
Score From Episode "It's Never Too Late" (by Lolita Ritmanis)
16. Sub-Main Title / Stromwell's Flashback (2:01)
17. Batman on Top of Church / Stromwell Arrives At Pete's / Thugs Exit (1:20)
18. Stromwell Confronts Thorn (1:15)
19. It's Party Time / Batman Carries Stromwell (0:48)
20. Stromwell Sees Joey (1:41)
21. Stromwell Tricks Batman / Thorn's Men Move In / Thorn Chases Stromwell (3:22)
22. Stromwell's Flashback #2 (1:45)
23. Batman Cracks Heads / Thorn Removed (1:20)
Score From Episode "Pretty Poison" (by Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis & Michael McCuistion)
24. Ground Breaking Ceremony / Penitentiary Time Lapses (1:11)
25. Batman Catches A Chopper / The Chopper Crashes / Rooftop Chase (1:58)
26. Batman Sneaks Around (1:09)
27. A Little Plant Muzak / The Carnivorous Plant (0:59)
28. Batman Vs. Poison Ivy / Poison Ivy In Prison (3:52)
Score From Episode "Christmas With The Joker" (by Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis & Michael McCuistion)
29. 14 Seconds Opening / Jingle Bells / The Joker Blasts Off (1:03)
30. Down the Mountain / Sidewalk Red Herring (0:51)
31. 'Pukey Christmas Music / Christmas With The Joker / Game Show Music (2:18)
32. The Train Crashes (1:19)
33. Observatory Cannon / Cannon Out Of Control / Robin Blows Up Cannon (1:11)
34. More Game Show Music / Drive To The Toy Company (1:39)
35. Nutcracker Suite Medley (1:24)
36. Pie In Batman's Face / Dangling Hostages Saved / Deck The Halls (1:40)
01. Batman: The Animated Series - Main Title (alternate Version) (composed by Danny Elfman) (1:09)
Score From "Two Face, Part 1" (by Shirley Walker)
02. Harvey's Nightmare / Dent's Soap Box (2:24)
03. Batman Tracks Dent (2:07)
04. Split Personality / Harvey / Harv (4:21)
Score From Episode "Two Face, Part 2" (by Shirley Walker)
05. Part One Recap (0:33)
06. Sub-Main Title / The Heist (1:49)
07. Bruce Wayne's Nightmare / Two-Face Remembers (2:47)
08. Batcycle / What About Grace (1:58)
09. My Name Is Two-Face (1:52)
10. The Great Equalizer / Where There's Love (4:03)
Score From Episode "Joker's Favor" (by Shirley Walker)
11. Sub-Main Title / Cussing Out The Joker / I Had A Bad Day (3:18)
12. Joker's Hide-Out (1:19)
13. Charlie's Neighborhood / Joker Finds Charlie (1:18)
14. Charlie Arrives In Gotham / Joker Collects His Favor (0:42)
15. Harley's Party Source (0:44)
16. Crashing The Party (1:33)
17. Batman Saves The Commissioner / Batman's After The Joker / Charlie Gets the Joker (3:38)
Score From "Vendetta" (Michael McCuistion)
18. Sub-Main Title / Conway Is Abducted (0:43)
19. A Clue / The Crocodile's Lair (1:27)
20. Another Clue (1:19)
21. Croc's Cave / Killer Croc (2:52)
22. Batman Chases Croc / Sewer Fight (2:54)
23. Bullock Gets The Croc (1:09)
24. Sub-Main Title / The Dream Begins (0:52)
Score From Episode "Perchance To Dream" (by Shirley Walker)
25. It's Impossible / Bruce Sees Batman / Bruce Watches Batman At Work (2:14)
26. My Life Is A Dream (2:48)
27. Climbing The Church Tower / Belltower Fight (2:45)
28. Your Own Private Wonderland / Back to Reality (2:48)
Score From Episode "Birds Of A Feather" (by Shirley Walker)
29. Birds Of A Feather (1:54)
30. That Fine Roman Nose / Penguin Vs. Muggers (2:32)
31. Penguin Takes Veronica (0:40)
32. The Drop / Rubber Duckie Ride (1:50)
33. The Penguin's Opera / High Society (2:19)
34. Batman: The Animated Series - End Title (composed by Danny Elfman) (0:34)
35. Music Of The Bat 101 (6:45)

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ChiefDundee a dit…
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Scoredaddy a dit…

WOW!! and in lossless. Oustanding!! Thanks Chief.

Nash a dit…

i have broken arrow but i would love and id love to have braviseamo, ive been searching for that for ages.
thanks allot chief. appreciate it.

ChiefDundee a dit…



Bonjour Chief Dundee,
Peux-tu me rendre un service s'il te plaît ?
Je cherche en vain la BO de "Outlander", composée par Geoff Zaneli, mais je ne la trouve pas. Je souhaiterai la télécharger.
Merci pour ton aide,

Nash a dit…

thanks chief

ChiefDundee a dit…

Outlander : (merci à Jose)

TRKStudios (Tyler) a dit…

Hey ChiefDundee,

First off, GREAT site! I love the collection of suites and rare stuff. Very much appreciated! I was writing because I have several rare suites of my own from scores that I havn't found on your site. I wasn't sure if you were interested in getting your hands on them. You can write me at and I'd be glad to send them your way so you can post them :D Hope to hear from you and again, great site!! Keep up the good work ~Tyler

toushiro-taii a dit…

Je cherche s'il existe un complete score ou un expanded score de "Benjamin Gates et le livre des secrets" ("National Treasure II), sais-tu si il existe? Il manque des tracks comme la course poursuite dans Londres notamment!

Par ailleurs, je te conseille vivement d'écouter l'album Best of Stargate SG-1 ( composé par Joel Goldsmith, c'est une pur merveille je trouve!

Encore merci d'avance et bonne continuation!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

Désolé, je n'ai rien de nouveau sur National Treasure II :(

mervyn a dit…

Thank you for this! superb in lossless!

balloons a dit…

wow, what a post! and i love the dedication (for all #3001). any chance of a repost, please?

balloons a dit…

(just subscribing to thread)

ChiefDundee a dit…
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4572568 a dit…

New link pls.

ChiefDundee a dit…
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Kev! a dit…

Hi, please can someone reupload? Desperate for this in lossless!

ChiefDundee a dit…

I'm sorry, but someone obviously reports each and every link I put for this soundtrack.

Gerardo Ramirez a dit…

wow i want this soundtrack!, can you upload in Mega (, i think is more safety

ChiefDundee a dit…

I'm sorry, but this one is not available for download anymore. It's been reissued as a second edition and is available to purchase:

Cornelius a dit…


Serait il possible de re-uper cette chose. super grand merci. Si c'est pas possible, je comprendrais. Merci l'ami.

ChiefDundee a dit…

Pas possible, mais la seconde édition est toujours disponible chez La-La Land Records:

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