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dimanche 8 juin 2008

PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER Suite - Tom Tykwer / Johnny Klimek / Reinhold Heil


6 commentaires:

danny80 a dit…


mythodean a dit…

thanks for this one ... i remember requesting for this suite.
thanks a lot


ChiefDundee a dit…

My pleasure :o)

eda-88 a dit…

Hi ChiefDundee!!

How are you?...

I have a one question & i think you can help me.

If i downloaded some of albums of LOSSLESS QUALITY...

I've got most of them...
Some of those was WAV, some as FLAC , some of as APE/cue or m4a...

And i prefer always to make Audio-CD [80 minutes] with .Wave files ...And "Nero" support this..

But FLAC or APE...
When i download APE-i always encode it to WAVE [Standart-1411 Kbps]-it's right?
And only then it i'm doing Audio-CD...

I need just to make for myself Audio-CD lossless which i downloaded from Internet/ from you, from e-mule...

Like your great upload of "HOW THE WEST WAS WON" ..

So when i downloaded Ape/ cue files-i'm always encode it with Easy CD-DA Extractor 11 or 10..
TO WAVE format and then i do Audio-CD with these files..

For Example your great upload of FLAC-OCCHIO ALLA PENNA -how i must to do it for make AUDIO-CD?

Because Nero not support FLAC files.

May i with EASY CD-DA EXTRACTOR encoded FLAC files to WAVe and BURN AUDIO-CD?

Please give me advice...
Maybe i always do it not right way...

And also m4a files it's LOSSLESS too?
And i can create Audio-CD i а ш have those formats music?
For example here

This is not LOSSLESS?


Have a nice summer!!

ChiefDundee a dit…

I don't know about .mp4 format, but I think you're doing things the right way with the other formats.
You can also decode .flac files to .wav using FLAC Frontend.
To burn CDs, you can also use Easy Media Creator instead of Nero: it accepts .flac files so you won't have to decode them to .wav. (I use version 8 myself).

eda-88 a dit…

Thanks ChiefDundee!

I've installed about 3-4 months ago FLAC Frontend...
But i couldn't understood how to decode it to .wav ...and now i just clicked as DECODE and it automatically encoded to .wav...
Thank you!

And thanks for Easy Media Creator advice, i'll find & install.

Very good advice!

Best wishes,


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