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dimanche 10 février 2008

RETURN OF THE JEDI - The National Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Charles Gerhardt

1. Main Title / Approaching the Death Star (3:28)
2. Parade of the Ewoks (3:23)
3. Luke and Leia (5:17)
4. Jabba the Hutt (3:43)
5. Return of the Jedi (5:26)
6. The Ewok Battle (2:58)
7. Han Solo Returns (3:21)
8. Into the Trap / Fight in the Dungeon (4:21)
9. Heroic Ewok (2:12)
10. Battle in the Forest (4:11)
11. Finale (8:06)
Total duration 46:16

2 commentaires:

Lord Dsp a dit…


I have downloaded and checked, even it's accuretaly ripped (13/13) and disk not present in the database, when I control the frequencies it seems to be a lossy 320 (20.5k), could you tell me more?

Is it your rip etc?

ChiefDundee a dit…

Yes, it was my own rip.
For comparison, I just re-ripped the first track with a different drive and the latest version of EAC:
You'll see the same cut around 20.5kHz. It's just the way this CD is mastered.

Searching for the frequency cut is not always the best way to tell if you have a lossy rip. In case of doubt, you have to zoom-in and look for isolated "blocks" in the high frequencies. You can see the comparison between Flac (above) and Mp3 (below) on these spectrograms:
The isolated blocks you can see on the Mp3 rip would be the only proof that something was lost during the process.

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