vendredi 4 décembre 2009

THE MUMMY Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

The first version I posted a few days ago was not in Lossless Audio. So, here's the real deal (and it's 10 minutes longer). If you have already downloaded the first version, please accept my apology for the waste of bandwith.
CD 1
1. Imhotep (4:15)
2. The Sarcophagus (2:12)
3. Tuareg Attack (2:20)
4. Pursuit (1:22)
5. The Desert Will Kill Him (1:01)
6. The Librarian (0:45)
7. The Puzzle Box (0:36)
8. The Execution (0:57)
9. Giza Port (2:06)
10. Night Boarders (4:08)
11. The Caravan (2:53)
12. Night Watchers (0:27)
12. Camel Race (3:21)
13. There Was Light (1:35)
14. Blue Gold (0:51)
15. Salt Acid (0:25)
16. The Crypt (2:24)
17. Mummia Attack / Rick & Evelyn (4:16)
18. Discoveries (2:55)
19. The Hom-Dai Curse (0:43)
20. Plague of Locusts (4:53)
21. The Bringer of Death (1:11)
22. Language of the Slaves (1:24)
23. Finishing the Job (1:13)
24. Serious Trouble (0:56)
25. The Eclipse (0:53)
27. Hunting the Egyptologist (0:27)
28. The Plague of Flies (0:53)
29. Bourbon Chaser (0:18)
30. Through the Keyhole (1:22)
31. My Favorite Plague (Album version) (3:59)

CD 2
1. My Favorite Plague (Film version) (3:56)
2. Crowd Control (3:09)
3. The Sand Wall (3:11)
4. Quicksand (1:11)
5. Rebirth (Album version) (8:33)
6. Rebirth (Film version) (3:40)
7. The Gold Book (3:24)
8. Duel with the Skeletons / The Mummy (7:56)
9. Escaping Hamunaptra (1:58)
10. The Sand Volcano / End Credits (9:24)
11. Suite (4:06)
12. Reprise (2:34)
13. Universal Logo (0:27)
14. Boat Piano 1 (2:00)
15. Boat Piano 2 (1:59)
16. Fort Brydon Source (1:15)
17. Winston Source (0:53)

Total Time - 1:56:35

9 commentaires:

Tellur a dit…

For any Chief Dundee visitor who would like to listen, here is the first minute of my upcoming track "The Twilight (Orchestral Version)":

Just disregard the Polish language and press play :-).

Once again thank you Chief for having a link to my site on your blog. I get a lot of visitors from you.

Anonyme a dit…

Do you have a complete score from God's and General's?

The commercially released version is missing much of the music in the film.


Keanx_zZ7 a dit…

Thanks's for the Mummy Complete ;)

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Tellur: Thank you for sharing!
@ Greer Illingworth: Sorry, I agree it would be great, but I've never found such a thing.
@ Keanx_zZ7: You're welcome

Unknown a dit…


Why is it in FLAC extension and not MP3?
I realy want this soundtrack but I don't have the codec. I how I do to get it? (the FLAC codec)

Hope you can answer my question.

Thank You

Gerardo P. Taber a dit…

Thank you very much for this awesome complete score from the Mummy Chief Dundee. I am a Mexican archaeologist doing some Egyptology work and I always loved to listen film scores like this while doing my work. I have the commercial release of this Soundtrack, but sadly it lacks a lot of the music of the film. Keep the good work.

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Gerardo : You're welcome.
@ Arnaud: you can convert Flac to Mp3 with "Flac Frontend", or play directly Flac Files with "Foobar 2000". Both are freeware. You may find the links on this page: Useful Tools

Unknown a dit…

Hi Chief,

I appreciate your response, but I already found the problem and I've already downloaded de Flac Frontend. Now I can listen to this awesome soundtrack.

Thank You for all the stuff you upload into your website,


CinéMan a dit…

Merci pour ce complete score !!!

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