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mardi 19 août 2008

Hello! I'm back!

I've just spent some vacation time away from any computer or internet connection, so I'll answer to your latest comments/requests very soon.
And I've taken this "no distraction" opportunity – among other things – to draw some blazons (remember my early posts?) and to take some photos. Stereographs to be precise.
What is a stereograph? It's basically a 3D photo. You'll see an example below, and I'll post more on another blog in a little while.

(the image is resized for 1280x960 screens, click here to view it in 1024x768)
At first you may think you're looking at the same photo, but each one is taken from a slightly different angle. Now, click on it for full screen, CROSS YOUR EYES and stay that way for a few seconds at about 50 cm from the screen. You'll see the 2 photos merge in the middle, creating a 3D one!
Sorry for the headache, but crossing the eyes is the only way to view the 3D effect if you don't own a stereo viewer (like the one on the left for example).

P.S. : I've finally seen The Dark Knight this Monday. Woooaaa...

4 commentaires:

Edgar a dit…


swisspop a dit…

Great photos. Which other blog? I wanna see more of your photos. :-)

ChiefDundee a dit…

Thank you Mr. Vulcan.
Actually I don't have a real 3D camera. The majority of what you can find use 35 mm film, and I don't want to go back to film. On the other hand, I've found no digital 3D cam at any affordable price.
There is still the option of combining 2 regular digital cams together, but I not "mechanic" enough to do that (hey, check this out).
So I simply take 2 photos with my own digital camera. I have a NIKON D50, and the results aren't too bad...

ChiefDundee a dit…

@ Swisspop: I haven't created the blog yet, but I'll keep you posted :o)

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